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Friday, February 6, 2009


Yes, flic is back. Just want you guys to know that I'm comming up with a new video, and that this blog will have all the extra info you need. Too tierd to write more today, later.


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How do you record your videos?
I use Fraps, the full version, it cost me about $30 but it was worth it to make these videos.

Where did you come up with the name 'WoWSlump?'
I honestly don't know, I guess I was just thinking about a short word... Thats a hard question..

Whats with all of the adds talking about buying gold? Do you really want us to buy gold?
THIS question I get ALLOT and the honest answer is that I do not controll the adds, Google does. They pick up on key words in my blog, like 'Gold' 'World of Warcraft' 'WoW' And so on, and then make adds about what they THINK my blog-viewers would like.

Can you power-level me?
I get asked this question allot to, and the answer is that if I have the time I would really like to, but you have to understand that I can't allways drop everything I am doing to do that.

Why do you powerlevel other people instead of leveling yourself?
Leveling myself can get pretty dull and boring (AOE pull after AOE pull, quest, AOE pull, and so on,) But when I powerlevel other people, not only do I get a break from what I am doing, but I also get to help other people out, and see them level instead of me. To put it in a short way I don't really like to level fast... I just like to take it slow, and be lazy if I want ^_^

Why is your blog/internet name WoWSlump, but your WoW name 'Flic'? That is also a very good question. My answer though, is rather simple: When I started these videos I was playing as my Hunter named Slump, but now I play my paladin named Flic. Therefore the confusion.

Why do you have a 2h wep? Are you ret now? Yerp. I am. I am going to be ret forever and ever too. Because I'm just planning on getting Flic to 80. then making a new alt. Mage or Warlock, anyways I will make some videos of my alt too, once I make it.

(More questions comming. If you have a question, or would like me to answer one of your questions, please send it to